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When the team needed to start their campaign against India in early June, they were given a boost by what was supposed as an impromptu match-up. After struggling with conditions at home that afternoon and having just lost all three of their matches on this tour so far (an international record for South Asia), Dhoni went up there personally prepared for anything but he didn’t like how things turned out either. “I felt sad because my boys did not get into any kind of timeouts,” said Dhawan who got injured when his shoulder collided awkwardly while being hit around midwicket from Sanjay Manjrekar’s you job news Bangladesh’s central bank has cut interest rates to 2.75 percent, and also lowered its inflation target for the second consecutive month. The move is seen by investors as a sign of weakness in commodity prices while at the same time adding some extra buying impetus to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s economic plan – which aims — among other things—to stimulate growth with policies targeting exports, investment infrastructure spending such an auto industry plant was recently announced that would help reduce Indian imports into the country.

As of today (Dec 13), international reserves stood unchanged when adjusted against the market level after trading off negative equity overnight, according to data published on the PNC website yesterday morning.

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